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| Last Updated:: 28/12/2022

Economic Survey Karnataka

The Economic Survey Reports is a snapshot of the State’s development achievements and concerns in various key and economic and social sectors. The State had mobilised and managed its public resources well and has focused its attention on the development of key infrastructure to fuel economic growth. The State has initiated various policy interventions in areas of education, health, skill development and social protection for making growth inclusive. The Economic Survey reports include the following information about the state:

  • Chapter 1 State of Karnataka Economy - An overview

    • Chapter 2 State Income and Prices
    • Chapter 3 Fiscal Development & State Finances
    • Chapter 4 Investment and Exports
    • Chapter 5 Rural and Urban Development
    • Chapter 6 Agriculture and Allied Activities Including food security
    • Chapter 7 Natural Resources
    • Chapter 8 Industry
    • Chapter 9 Economic Infrastructure
    • Chapter 10 Human Development
    • Chapter 11 Gender and Social Equity
    • Chapter 12 Balanced Regional Developments
    • Chapter 13 Karnataka at a glance
    • Chapter 14 Karnataka compared with India



Given Below are the Economic Survey Reports from 1990 - 2022 :