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  • Database
| Last Updated:: 15/07/2016



 We welcome you to the Database(Green Information) section of our website on the environmental components and its status in Karnataka. The information includes on water resources, flora and fauna diversity, land resources, forests, lakes of Karnataka, energy, climate change. The information given is showcased based on environmental components, its current status, consumption pattern and the future demand. The attempt is made to present an overview of Karnataka's stand on conserving natural resources. Keeping in mind the authenticity of information presented, the information is expected to help researchers, stakeholders, government departments, institutions, NGOs and decision makers in order to plan and implement management strategies in an efficient and sustainable approach.


  1. Water Resources

  2. Air

    Find information on the status of air quality and its causes.

  3. Land

  4. Forest & Biodiversity

  5. Energy

    • Renewable energy sources
    • Power plants
    • Energy supply and its consumption
    • Petroleum/LPG/Firewood/Biogas
  6. Climate Change

    • Environmental disasters
    • Green house gases
    • Vulnerable areas
    • Adaptation strategies